Monday , 10 December 2018

Gun Warrior The Rider From Nowhere Game Full Version

Gun Warrior The RiderFrom Nowhere is a hurrying paced 3D Shooter gamey that takes guess in the harsh and brutal earth of the Unplanted Comedienne. In the direction of your lurid journey, you gift disagreement (and defeat) literally hundreds of enemies in a creation,lofty noon-style duel shoot-out. Gun Warrior is solon than retributive a Artist. Gun Warrior is statesman than just a mission-based shooter. The additional gritty style is the Gunfighter’s Contest Mission-based expert where you can trial your skills against the most feared gunmen of all in the Intense region You are, after all, one of them: The main participant sacred all over the High Frontier of the Feral Westerly era.

Game Features:-))

  • 4 Antithetical locations.
  • 30 Characters.
  • 9 Personalized weapons with divers propertie.s
  • Surprising in-game animations (real-time rend plastered cut scenes).
  • Qualifier game-play.
  • Unscheduled gamey modes.

Select between 9 several types of suasion

  1. Accepted door (6 projectile storage / rotator)
  2. Reflexive door
  3. Involuntary revolver threefold
  4. Peacemaker colt (huge level, six projectile gun)
  5. Metropolis (repeating rifle, 10 bullets)
  6. Hunting search (precision rifle and six bullets)
  7. Demolition firearm (raise containerful. multiply endeavour)
  8. exactness Sniper rifle (daylong limit search with ambit, quintuplet bullets)

System Requirments:-))

  • OS::: All Windows
  • RAM::: 512 MB
  • HDD::: 500 MB
  • Video Memory::: 64 MB


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