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Grand Theft Auto V Game

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GTA V is a full of thrill and adventure video game. GTA V is developed by the Rock star North in 2009.It was published by Rock star Games. It is an action game either by single and multiplayer shooting game. Player of this game can move on foot and vicheals and in airs.

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GTA V is a game of shooting assassination story mode adventure mission. Player of this game is larger than previous series of GTA games. A big country side and a city named Las Santos have linear graphics. Player can be moving in all areas freely but many contents of game explore with completion of missions. With disorganized close combat attacks and fire weapons used by player mostly in the game.

During the mission player can use auto aim explosive and system core weapons to defeat the enemy. But player should careful about health gauge. If player got damage the health gauge will reduce its power. When its health goes down to zero level he will respawn at nearest hospital.

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A Head of display named (HUD) show his social status level whenever any crime committed by player his HUD will show him wanted. This was designated by law enforcement department of the city. At the HUD golden stars show his wanted level in respect of his crime. if player reach at aggressive wanted level then law enforcement force can kill and arrest the player. When player got success in hide himself from officers the HUD stars will cool down. Michael De Santa De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton are the main characters which control by player and they have their own different stories which are interconnect with game mission.

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Player Skills:

After completion of game mission player get reward in shape of cash or upgraded skills. These skills will help the player to accomplish further mission. Player can walk, run, jump, fight, drive, swim, but he also got driving skills swimming under water stamina, sky jumping and fighting skills too. Computer hacking ,usage of explosive, underwater scuba diving and base jumping through Para shoot also count in upgraded skills.

Mobile phones are also providing to every character for contacting assassination missions involving in social activities. Player can also participate in trade of stock market. he can buy properties for home and business. Food courts and restaurant are also available for shopping.


Michael De Santa Townly living with his family in Los Santos, San Andreas under witness protection because he robbed a bank nine year before in Lundendroff, North Youkton.Amenda Michael De Santas,s wife have affair with his tennis couch. one day Michael De Santa found her wife having sex relation with her coach in his own bed room. He follows the coach and locates his home in a big mansion. he destroy the mansion in anger. this act trapped him under Mexican Drug Lord. For compensate the loss Michael De Santa robbed the jewelry shop with help of his friend Franklin.

Michael De Santa’s personal life got disturb when his own family leaves him alone because his criminal acts. Law enforcement agencies FBI contact Michael De Santa to help them against a rival agency with his friend Franklin and Trevor Philips. Passing through the consequences Michael De Santa try to wipe out his criminal record from the FBI head Quarter and destroy it. Michael De Santa try to reunite his family when he return to Los Santos. During the game story each of three friends makes contract to kill their own friend but at last they return to their past life and remain friend.


In 2009 Rock star North continues their adventures game series with the help of more than 1000 employees and Rock star group. It was the 5th addition in the series of Grand Theft Auto thrilling game.

Game animation and rendering are done with software named Bullat and Euphoria both have capacity the maintain standard of graphics similar to X Box and Play station 3.Game ownership still remain under (RAGE) Rock Star Game Engine. Game experts analyze its budget more than 265 Million US Dollar.


GTA V was the best selling video game of 2013 under action-adventure category. Three main Character of GTA V is :

Michael De Santa is one of main playable character of this game. In his past he commits a bank robbery. From last nine years he lived in Los Santos with his family. But once again just because of his wife he trapped under Mexican drug lord. He involve in criminal activity with his three previous friends. He did several jobs against government agencies and sometime with help of them. At many stages he try to kill his best friends but at the end of the story he return to his previous life live with his family.

Franklin is one of the best friends of Michael De Santa .he lived in Los Santos. he is an agent of luxury car dealership he is also a ex-bank robber. During the jewelry shop robbery he meet with his old friend Michael De Santa and then he join Michael De Santa in many criminal acts.

Trevor commits a successful bank robbery with his best friends Michael De Santa and Franklin. Trevor is mentally unstable person because of his bad child hood experience .Trevor lived in Los Santos in a truck. he commit lots of crimes a partner of Michael De Santa and Franklin. but at the end he stop crimes and lived as a best friend.






Award or Privilege granted to GTA V is
13 December 2011 : Spike Video Game Award 2012
25 October 2013 : Golden Joystick Award 31St
3 December 2013 : Best Video Game OF 2013 In Time’s
4 December 2013 : 5th Annual Insight Gamming Award In Three Category
7 December 2013 : Spike VGX 2013 In Two Categories
26 December 2013 : Edge Awards 2013
31 December 2013 : Telegraph Video Game Award 2013
9 January 2014 : IGN,s Best Of 2013 In Seven Categories
13 March 2014 : 10th British Academy Video Games Awards
10 December 2014 : Game Spot’s Game of The Year 2013 Award

Player of GTA V did lots of brutal mission and torture just like teeth pulling and electrocute to his enemy. During his Criminal life player did many unspeakable acts. These torture and brutality effect to the young players of this game.

Behavior of the character in this game toward women is considered to be misogynistic. In some mission player cut the body of a women with hammer. Most of time women perceptions are prostitute and strippers.

Rockstar Games face many suits by famous pop singer, film actors and Tv Stars. Although Rockstar response against these suits in court. Lindsay Lohan filed a suit against Rockstar that many image voice and her fashion style used by Rockstar in this game. Famous Pop Star put allegation that two of songs are used in this game without his consent. Famous TV Star Karen Gravano claim that some character of this game are depicted her image.

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