Monday , 10 December 2018

Download VIRTUAL DUB 1.10.4 PC Software free full version

Download VIRTUALDUB 1.10.4 PC Software is a live streaming record. 
Are you looking for a streamlined tool for capturing and processing videos? Well, VirtualDub is your choice. highly processing your files from AVI to your high quality videos. 
  • Reads and writes AVI2 and multi segment AVI clips
  • Queue and automate your works
  • Extensive video filter set, including blur, sharpen, emboss, smooth, 3×3 convolution, flip, resize, rotate, brightness/contrast, levels, deinterlace, and threshold
  • Remove and replace audio tracks without touching the video
  • Bilinear and bicubic resampling
  • Decompress and recompress both audio and video
  • Remove segments of a video clip and save the rest without recompressing
  • Adjust frame rate, decimate frames, and 3:2 pulldown removal
  • Preview the results with live audio
Screen Shots:-))

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