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Max Payne 1 PC Game Download Free Full Version

Do you love playing games all the time? Are acting shooting games one of your favorite style of games? Well, if you would be looking around you would be finding so many games that are readily known out to be in greater demand inside the gaming world. In all such games, we would not miss out mentioning with the name of Max Payne 1 Game. This game is coming out to be one of the most popular action shooter game. This game is basically known as the third shooter action game. It has been developed under the supervision of Remedy Entertainment and hence it was published by the side of the Gathering of Developers. This game was launched for the game lovers under the collaboration of Microsoft Games on 23rd July in the year 2001. This game has made itself one of the best shooting games in just the least time period. If we talk about this game, then it is based on the detective named as Max Payne who is on the mission to take the revenge from the enemies who killed his family. The whole game has been designed in the amazing plot and with the great storyline.

A Complete Review On Max Payne 1 Game:


Max Payne 1 Game is about the detective named as Max Payne who is on the mission in this game to take the revenge from the enemies who killed his family. As at the beginning stage, the player would be just be given a small pistol. But as the player will move to the next level with victory, he will be rewarded with more unique and amazing pistols and weapons to use. In the whole game, the player has to collect each single coin and gun that is coming in their way. The player should also be collecting the painkillers so that he can eat them if his health or energy level is down. At the same time, if the player start moving in the slow motion then it means that some bullet has been fired on him. Additionally, the player can perform with some amazing and special kind of moves as well. In order to move ahead in the game and search for the locations of the enemies, the map is provided to the player.

Important Features of Max Payne 1 PC Game:

  • This whole game has been set with the brilliant plot that is amazing to play all around.
  • The game has been set with the high quality graphics along with the brilliant colored images.
  • The game is also featuring with some of the slow motion actions.
  • It is included with the interesting background music. You can also interact with the objects that is the best part of this game.

So what are you thinking for? If you love the plot and features of this game then without wasting any time just be the first to download this game. You would love playing it the whole day!

System Requirments:Max Payne 1 Game:-))

  • Processor::: 700MHz
  • Graphic Card::: 32MB
  • Ram Need::: 128MB
  • OS::: Win XP,7

Screenshot of Max Payne 1 Game:-))

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